Error while restoring the Navision Backup file

Hi All,

Am facing the following error while restoring the navision backup file; The database is in SQL and when i take the navision backup and restore that using the “fin” client,the following error is thrown:

There is an error in the DB structure. The error (1213 in Module 19) may have been caused by the computer or a program.

Table: G/L Account


Key fields:No.

First check the database by clicking File, Database Test and then Maximum.

After this a lot of instructions are given. This error first occured while testing the database and then also in restoring the backup.

Looking forward for a solution.


Hi Vikram,

you will have to fix this in SQL directly. Basically go through the G/L table and find the corrupt records and fix them. You could use C/DART, but I think in SQL it will be faster.

Hi David thanks for the reply.

I have had the same problem importing data from store procedure.

A downcase value in a code field!!