Error while Restoring a Backup File got from Customer


While I was restoring back up file (Bacup file with extension .fbk) which I got from the customer, I’m encountring an error.The error I’ve attached in tags. please help me to over come this Issue.

Was the backup created on the proprietary database server and then restored on a SQL Server?

I sounds lime Luc is right. This error is typically seen when importing a native database backup (that previously have not run SQL) into a NAV running on SQL Server.

The problem is the dates. The native Navision database handles dates from the year 0., whereas SQL server only handles dates from the year 1700.

On the NAV product DVD there are some tools to verify that this, or other similar problems, are fixed before moving to SQL Server.

Back up was done in Navision 4.0(customer site) and was restored in Navision 4.0 with Microsoft SQL server option.

So this is what should have been done before creating the backup: run the SQL Migrition tool which is part of the upgrade toolkit as provided on the product CD. This will help you fix this issue (and some others).

Ok then the answer is: Don’t install it to a SQL Server, unless you run the “NAV-SQL jobs” first. I you received it from you customer, but you need to use it on SQL, then first restore it to a native database, then run the NAV-SQL jobs and then backup and restore it to SQL.