Error while posting the hour transactions based invoice proposal

Hi all,

I have created one project based on Time and Material project group and created billing rule with line type of Progress and then I posted some hour and expense transactions.

Next I tried to create invoice proposal for hour transactions but I couldn’t because I am facing the error while creating invoice proposal “No invoice transactions”.

Whatever I posted the Hour transactions are not showing in invoice proposal.

Can anyone suggest me why this error occurred.

Kindly assist me if I missed out any setup regarding to this.



Hi Vamsipriya,

Progress billing has 2 types.

  1. Progress billing - Automated: Here we include Chargeable categories to contribute in the project progress calculations.

  2. Progress billing - Manual: Here we update the project progress manually based on which invoice will be created.

It seems the billing rule you have created does not have any categories included, meaning you have chosen progress billing manual so you need to update the project progress % manually.

You can select the Project contract> Maintain> Manage contract status> Update percentage> Total billing percent> Enter % of progress and click OK.

Thank you very much for your reply Kiran.

I too tried that option(update percentage) to enter the percentage but it is in disable mode, I don’t know why.

Did I miss any setup regarding to that?

Kindly suggest me.

Thank you,

Vamsi priya

Hi Kiran,

Automated Progress Billing rule:

I did as you said for automatic progress billing rule, it is working fine.

(I selected chargeable categories and then created hour transactions and then did the invoice for that project. In that invoice includes consumed hours and I posted).

Manual Progress Billing rule:

For Manual Progress billing rule, you said that we need to update Percentage manually but here Update percentage button is in disable mode.

Kindly suggest me on Manual Progress Billing rule.


Vamsi priya.

Please remove the project from Selected projects list on Billing rules form and then try. It should be enabled.

Thank you Kiran,

Now It is working fine.


Vamsi priya.