Error while posting sales invoice: a ledger is required to complete the currency calculation

Salam All,

I am getting this error while posting sales invoice: " a ledger is required to complete the currency calculation"

can not find the reason … i appreciate i any advice to solve it …

Could you post a screen shot of the message? I presume this is a transaction not in native currency?

Hi Emad,

Check Item group form… You might be missing ledger account (chart of accounts) assignment in it (Item group form > Sales order - tab).

The company currency is JOD and the order currency is USD, i would mention that this case occurred previously but nothing was thrown.



Check in the Exchange rates of currencies … (General ledger > Setup > Exchange rates > Posting tab) ledger accounts need to assigned and check Sales order tab in Item group as well as i said in my previous post.

Hi Sarathy,

i checked the sales order tab on the Item group, nothing is missing, regarding the setup for exchange rate i did not find the path you mention above i am using ax 2012!!!

In AX 2012, General ledger > setup > ledger … realized loss/profits and Unrealized loss/profit ledger accounts needs to setup.

Is there actually a chart of accounts (not shared) associated with the company you are in?

Hi Adam,

I just want to know how Ledger account has been taken while posting Sales Invoice … any class methods or table methods… since while posting sales invoice for Return order, it was not taking the leger account for Sales Return and it was taking from Sales Revenue …