Error While posting PO Invoice

HI All

When i am trying to post PO Invoice i am facing the below error… My user is entering the misc charges at the time of posting…

Can any one suggest why this error is facing while posting , any face like this scenario. If means can u explain what are the steps to be taken to resolve this

Below is the screen shot for the reference…


PavanKumar .

Hi PavanKumar,

Above error message appears to be coming from customised code. Are there any customizations around this area?

HI Mohan

There is no customization dine in this form, the error is comming from


It is checking the condition



if (_inventTrans.DatePhysical < InventStdCostConvItem::itemConversionDate(_inventTrans.ItemId) && _inventTrans.Qty != 0)


here i can find the physical is i.e 05/07/2012 but the another date i cant able to find

which is nventStdCostConvItem::itemConversionDate(_inventTrans.ItemId

I have put the debugger in this method and tried to post the invoice but it is not hitting and directly posting the invoice…

so i want to know from where the date is comming can u plz help me from which table it is picking the date.


PavanKumar I V

Check to make sure the item in question has data in the InventStdCostConvItem table. If your item does not require a cost conversion then no data would be in this table. In that case the error is actually occuring in the if statement above the one you reference.

if (!costTrans.allQtyFieldsZero())

The costTrans variable in not returning a rec id. There is no cost transaction in the InventCostTrans table for the physical voucher.