Error while posting open statement.

Hi all,

I am facing an issue while posting open statement the error message is ‘1.00 cannot be picked because only 0.00 is/are available from the inventory.’

the scenario performed in this transaction is that:
Onhand of Item A = 1,
Sold 1 quantity of Item A,
then the sold item A is returned,
then again the quantity at store is 1 which was then again sold to another customer. moreover the item model group attached to the item A is FIFO and we have check ‘financial negative inventory’ and unchecked ‘physical negative inventory’.

please let me know your suggestion to resolve this issue. Is this any issue in configuration? please correct me where i missed.


  1. Check the picking list it will show you picked reference.

posting >> picked

Dear Yumna,

check on hand stock for that items.

you can get the detail of items while calculating the statement.


The statement is still at open status… how can i see the Sales order or picking list? please help me out


as i have mentioned earlier we do have opening on hand as 1.

Dear Yumna,

are you using batch in your environment.

no! it is a simple retail transaction.