error while posting gen journal lines

while posting the gen journal lines this error occurs in the client computer " The Gen. Journal Line table is locked by AO IA". here AO IA is a client user.


And what are you expecting from us?

If more than one user is posting same process then the tables will be locked by one of them.

Did you search forum with locking?

there is only one user who does posting so i dont think its due to the above problem. can you ellaborate me


Then you can activate the debugger and check …

Can’t i just replace the gen. journal line table to the client system… Is that a good idea??


Sorry… I didnt get

Can you explain…

can i import the Gen journal line table from another database and replace …

can this solve my problem??

No…this is not the issue…

You can check the Sessions from File–>Database–>information

Under sessions tab

Drill down on Current sessions…

filter on database name and check how many users are working and who is blocking whome?

yes i have checked this one and there are two sessions for the same user AO IA … can i delete one of the sessions is this the problem that is blocking to post the gen . journal lines???

May be user got some error and didnt press ok and this is blocking the other sessions.

If you can speak to the user then ask him to close the session.

or you can delete also…