Error while posting Gen. Journal Line

Hi all,

Error message appears while posting GJ lines ;

“Positive must be YES in Vendor Ledger entry '242632”.

Any solution please.

see if you are trying to apply your journal line to any vendor invoice… if that is the case then some one might have already applied to that invoice… so change your applying invoice and post it…


applied in what sense sir you mean…

1.) Applied in some Gen. Journal and posted too.


2.) the Journal in which it is applied is not posted yet.

Did you apply any entry to the gen. journal line…?

if so please check that entry is open or not.

Check in Vendor ledger entry ,Locate above entry and check applied entries.

Amol sir ,

what can be the functional reason for this error how would i explain to the client why is this happening…?

Tel your client saying that the entry they are trying to apply in this journal is already applied and posted .

You can not applied it again.


Just tell client to post the entries without applying any entries and then afterwards they can applied the required entry from Vendor ledger entry .

sir actually now i checked on live DB i found that it was because that some user put the wrong amount in Debit he should i have entered the amount in credit amount.

so now the problem is solved.

Thanks all for your concern [:)]