Error while opening the Nav RTC in Windows 8

Hi all,

this below error is coming when we connecting the client to server in rtc.

the server"net.tcp://otmum004:7046/dynamicsNAV/service"
is either unavailable or your connection has been
you want to attempt to reconnect?

what are the solution for this i have change the ip of both machines (server and client) , services also restarted but nothing is working for this., i have NAV 2009 SP1



You should try this


what i should try, sorry am not able to understand

Is it happening for every user ? or for specific user…

it happen to specific user, whenever any user who is already using navision if his system got crash or new if we install new OS windows 7 or windows 8 , it reflect this error,

its working fine in windows XP. but having problem in Windows 7 and 8.

Recently I face the same problem and I did following to overcome

Delete the User profile from Domain and recreate the same. After that synchronize the login in Navision and they try with RTC

PS :- Don’t forget to take backup of User profile before deleting it.

ok amol i will try this , and get back to you.