Error While Ledger reporting currency conversion from ZAR to USD

Hi All,

I got the following error while Ledger reporting currency conversion from ZAR to USD for one company.Can anyone suggest me how to solve this …?

Thanks in Adcance…

Hi All,
Any suggestions…?

Do you have the account setup for type = Penny difference in reporting currency in GL → Setup → Posting → Accounts for automatic transaction? If not, try by setting it.

The set up is already there for reporting currency…

The error may come if any of the required account is not configured. Also check if the configured accounts are valid (for that ledger).

Also search in LCS for any bugs.
I found one, this seems to be relevant.
KB 3082334

Hi Kranthi,
Thanks for your valuable reply…I will check this and get back to you shortly…

Ax version is 2012 R3 CU11…This hot fix for CU10…Should I install this hotfix…?

Then you already have the hot fix. Try the other options(check the accounts, as i said in my previous comment).

Ok kranthi…I will check…

Don’t think its the answer to your original query but are you sure about that conversion rate? Looks like you have 13 USD = 1 Rand. Isn’t it more like 13 Rand = 1 USD?