Error while importing XPO !

Hi ,

I have created one new module and taken xpo of it from one server and when i going to import that xpo to another server, the following error is coming and import has been aborted.

If anyother way or solution to import, please let me know.

Error info:

A table, Extended Data Type, Base Enum or class called AgreementEquipmentsIssuedReturned already exists. Import of Table aborted.

Note: I have already searched this name object (AgreementEquipmentsIssuedReturned ) in AOT, which is not available in AOT before import.

thanks in advance,

Mohamed Hussain.A

This could be an ID conflict for objects. Try importing XPO wihtout IDs (that’s a paramter in an import window).

If it that is AX 2009, try also deleting you user cache files before that import - that may help, believe me.

Hi Janis,

i didnt check With IDs, i have unchecked without Ids while Exporting. and i dont know about user cache files…


Mohamed Hussain.A

You say you have done the Export without IDs (I wonder, how can you do that), but the thing is that IMPORT should be done wihout IDs.

Cache files - close the client, delete files .AUC files in cache directory:

  • C:\Documents and Settings[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data for Win Xp or Server 2003,

  • C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local for Vista/Win7.

…and reopen the client, tyr import again.

I counting the same problem, and then i soved it by Janis Cehovs solution, thank very much.

how did you do can you explain in detila, i am not able to go the path which “Janis Cehovs” has explained i am having windows 7, kindly tell me.


For Window’s 7 below is the path :


then search for .AUC files delete the files and restart the client


Are you importing xpo to same version?
I thing there may be Version Problem.