Error while importing from Excel

Hi All,

I need to import Excel data to sales header table.While importing at the time’ You must specify Gen.Bus.Posting Group in Customer No.=".’.

Note: Excel data not exported data that was manually created one.

Can anyone solve my problem.

Thanks in advance.

is there any blank customer No. in excel records?

Hi Mohana,

No there is no blank customer no

Check the mapping with excel fields and dataport fields…

are ther any customers with Gen.Bus.Posting Group blank?

Yes thank you i have missed the dataport field.And one more clarification if i want to import both the sales header and sales line what should i do?


please verify the post which solved your problem…

You can take 2 dataitems. header and line…

export a text file and see the format…

Not like that I have one Excel sheet it contain both the header and line data i need to import that details to corresponding tables.

the excel file should be in a particular format… in order to know that export 2,3 documents and create the file in that format.

Can you tell the exact format?

The format depends upon the fields you have…

why cant you do export and check?

Hi Mohana,

Thank you for your reply,

My requirement : is it possible to import multiple tables at a time from single excel sheet

**Example:**The following fields details in Excel Sheet that should be insert in corresponding tables is it possible.

H Doc Type,H No,H Sell to Cust No,H Posting Date,L Doc No,L Line,L Quantity,

I got it for one record to sales header and sales line.


In first data item[Sales header]:

Add the sales header fields and variable in field designer.


First i have found last no by using no series management code unit ,i have validate that last no to sales header no and i have assigned sales header’s document type to one variable.


Assign the document type and no in new variable.


Initialize the sales line document type and document no with the new assigned variable.

Insert the fields that you want to import.