Error while Importing Budgets!

Hello Guru’s,

I need some help with Standard Navision Budgets.

Data base: Navision 5.0 (SP1)

I am trying to upload budgets, so I thought i did test it out first. I created a mock budgets for 2 G/L accounts and exported out. It worked fine.

Now, when I want to import the excel sheet back into Navision, I get the below error message. I have no clue on this error.

G/L accounts have not been found in the excel work sheet

Please be noted that i created the values for only 1 or 2 G/L accounts in the budget and then exported out.

Your help is much appreciated!!


wat r all the fields added in excel sheet…

Hi Jack,

I suspect that you have deleted the header row in Excel. Export a sample and make sure you sheet has the same format including headers.