Error while generating product receipt

Hi All,

I have created a new purchase order and when i try to generate a “Product Receipt” with voucher no 100000871 for that PO,the posting process is cancelled with the following error.

Error - “Voucher 100000871 is already used as of date 4/10/2014”

But when i checked in the table there is no record with voucher no 100000871.

Can i please know at what case i will be getting an error saying the voucher no is already in use.



which table you are looking here?


I’m checking in “GeneralJournalAccountEntry” table.

On the AP parameter, check the product receipt number sequence. Click on status list, there might be some number sequences that are created with status free. Delete those number and try again.


I have checked them already,but it dint work.

I think this was already discussed: