Error while doing the Data Transfer Step of the Upgrade Process.

Hi All,

We are doing this Navision Upgrade from the Nav 3.7 to Nav 4.0,We’re using the Microsoft Upgrade tollkit to do this task.

In this process we do the Transfer Data,which is one of the Steps involved in the upgarde process,During this stage i encountered an error :

"Item Ledger Entry Entry No. ‘0’ does not Exist" .This Transfer data is a process were in the toolkit transfers the data from the Temporary tables,created during the Upgrade Process.

People out there help me to proceed with my Navision Upgarde process.


Prashanth Sanath

What is the name of the codeunit you are running for upgrade process? check ur item ledger entry table. Both temporary and the original one.

This is the Codeunit that has been Imported from the Set of Upgarde Objects that comes along with the Upgarde Toolkit. The Codeunit Name is “Upgrade 4.0 New Version” and the Object ID is “104048”.I have checked The Item ledger Entry Table and it has no such Data.

Pls run the debugger , and check at what the error is poping up? this way you may solve the problem.