Error while doing report as finish for the production order

Hi all,

while giving report as finish for a production order by reducing a quantity and giving end job an dclicking ok, An error stating Quantity 0.01 cannot be updated with inventory reference Prod. reported as finished journal because inventory transactions with status Ordered, Arrived or Registered are insufficient is experienced. Please suggest a solution to solve this.

Thanks in advance,


What are the current RAF postings?
Are you back flushing or autoflushing based upon RAF?
Have a look at quantity and decimal places with the unit quantity to see if you have any elements creating a value of 0.00x

RAF postings are all correctly posted and consumed, RAF is back flushing , need to look on which quantity can you please suggest. I found that the error is coming from Inventupd_childreference class and from method updatemoreReceipt(), but couldnt find from where and how addqty to be changed to zero… ? and the receiptTransListEnumerator is shown end while debugging in the method getNextInventTransToReceive of inventupdate class. so condition returns false.