Error while deleting a record in cust table

Hi Folks,

I am getting the following error while deleting a record directly from a cust table form .

Cannot edit a record in Customer table(CustTable).

The Values displayed in the form are not current , so an update or deletion cannnot be made .

To view the current values, Click Restore or press CTRL+F5.

I am able to delete a record from the job.

I am receiving the same error inspite of refreshing and synchronozing the tables and forms.

Any kind of help is highly appreciable.


Vikas Mehta.

What is your code to delete the record?

delete_from CUSTTABLE
        where CUSTTABLE.CUSTID == 1100


After deleting the record, are you calling research() method like this -


no nothing like that

just deleted that record no refresh nothing

but i want to delete it from the form end not from the job


If you are not doing it, then write the code mentioned in my post above.

To understand what that line does, refer here -