Error while creating templates

Hi all,

I am getting an error while creating templates. It only occurs when I am exporting Structure Details table to excel .


Shivanand Patil 4382.Error.bmp (3 MB)

How are you exporting this to Excel?

Are you using the Excel icon on the top tool bar, or is it another function?

It sounds like the error message is genuine, so whatever is controlling the file name (or possibly the worksheet name in Excel) is incorrect, for example it’s like saving a filename with C:\thisismyfilename///.text

Hi Kryton,

I am exporting to excel by using function export to excel.

And I have given file name as StructureDetails.It didn’t give any error while exporting the other tables .It only comes for structure details .4606.Error.bmp (3 MB)

HI Shivanand

I dont have access to that specific table, but are there any special characters in the field names within this table?

Perhaps there is a ‘Tax %’ field or something?

The code is fairly straight forward within that Export function, so should just be cycling through the fields within the table to be exported and picking up field names and values.

That said, if there is a special character, I’m not sure what you can do about it, other than remove the field from the list.

Also, given there is only a small number of records in the table, it might be quicker just to adopt the manual entry route ?

sorry I cant be more specific


Someone needs to debug that process to determine what the issue is. You posted this in the developer forum, so I thought that you would be a developer. If you are not then you need to get your partner involved to debug this.