Error While creating report in Ax 2012

Hi Pioneers,

While creating a report in Ax 2012, I am getting an error “The dynamic property of the field list of query data source ‘VendTrans’ has not been set.”.

I am continuously getting this error for each report I am preparing. Please suggest me guys. I am new to Ax 2012.

By default when a data source is added to the query the field list will be empty. Check the dynamic property of the field - Unselected

Change it to Yes will bring all the fields and make them available for the query.

Change it to No, means you can only add the required fields to the query data source and only these fields will be fetched by the query.

Please make sure you choose either of the above while defining the query.

Thanks for your prompt reply sir. Kindly tell me that where I will find the “Option of dynamic property of the field” ?

In the query , go to the respective data source and fields Node properties