Error while creating Purchase Order - WHSAutoCreateLoadLine incorrectly called

AX gives “Function WHSAutoCreateLoadLine::newFromSourceLineTableBuffer has been incorrectly called” error while creating a purchase order. I tried Compile and Forward WHSAutoCreateLoadLine class from AOT and compiled AX application and CIL compile and still getting the same error. 4213.10-15-2014 3-49-01 PM.jpg

You get this error if you call newFromSourceLineTableBuffer() with a buffer which is not supported. What type of table is used there when it fails? Are you developing something custom there?

It is a out of box installation with no customization. We imported the Vendor list and compiled the application. When we raise a PO, getting this error.

What’s the answer to “what type of table is used there when it fails”? Debug the method to find it.


I have resolved the above issue, on resetting the cache data in AOT.

  1. Reset usage data.

  2. Remove log files from user.

  3. Refresh the cache data. AOT–>Tools–>Cache → Refresh all nodes.

It is working fine.