error while creating purchase order AX 2012

HI, I am new to AX 2012. I have installed AX 2012 R3 and imported Demo data. Now I am practicing production process. when I try to create purchase order, in the line item when I select the item. I am getting the following error " Vendor code V001 is not authorized to item 001". Can anyone help me with this please.

You have the approved vendor setup configured, so either remove it or on the item set the vendor as approved.

Thank you very much. You solved my issue.

I have one more issue. After confirmation of purchase order. on Receive tab wen I select product receipt and entered the number. later I am getting the error “No cost rollup is found for this item. Activate the item cost price”. Can you please resolve this. Thanks in advance.

You are using a standard costed item. Go to the released item record, on the tab at the top there is a price option (cannot remember the tab), this takes you to the costing version. Create a pending cost and activate it.

And the tab is Manage costs on released product details, click on Item price button. Create a pending cost and activate it as instructed.

Thank you for the help… I resolved it :slight_smile: