Error while changing the InventLocationId on purchase order

Cannot edit a record in (PurchTable).
The values displayed in the form are not current, so an update or deletion cannot be made. To view the current values, on the Command menu, click Restore or press CTRL+F5.

Hello guys,I am getting this error when I try to change the Inventlocation and then save.Does not allow me to save it.

I tried to call ctrl+f5 by code so far,and refresh and reread the datesource.Can you guys help me?

I think it has been already discussed in the forum.
After CTRL+F5 were you able to update inventLocationId? Are there any customization’s?

Yes I am able to save after ctrl+f5

It is happening on all purchase order or for a single one? Please provide more details.

I had this error some times. We just press Escape and then say ‘No’ to save the changes. Go to the area page and then try to do the change again. I think this error happen because another user is working in the table, so you don’t see the current values.

it is happens all the purhase order when try to change Inventlocation field.

It means some where in code it is updating a older record (that could be a customized code). You may have to debug it to identify the issue. You can start debugging by having a break point in the modified method of the field.