Error while changing connection on Dynamics 365 Business Central


we have a very strange problem on Dynamics NAV which i can’t solve.
We have installed Dynamics NAV 365 Client on 8 Windows terminal servers and also on some Workstations. We have also two instances on the Dynamics server: one for Production and one for Test.

On workstations Dynamics Client works fine without any issues.

On Terminal server, since users have their own profiles on a DFS share folder the clientUserSetting.config file is stored obviously there.
But for some reason everytime a terminal server’s user change connection from TEST to PRODUCTION or viceversa the clients prompt out the errors below.

Once the users click “OK” the NAV client keeps working without issues but these errors are very annoying.
I can confirm you that the permissions are right cause every users have full access on the clientusersettings.config file.

The only thing i’ve noticed is that if i move the clientusersetting.config file away from the DFS folder to any another shared folder and i set the client to point to this folder, Dynamics NAV works fine. Also if i don’t move the config file but i assign a user the domain admin privileges then the errors don’t pop out.

Please help me !

welcome Paolo! hopefully someone can jump in and help you out with this error.

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