Error while adding new customer in table using ListPage Form


I am facing this error “Cannot apply initial query because no form root datasource table matches the query root datasource table”

I have created a litpage form and i want to add a new customer in table, but when i click the button (add new customer), it is showing me this error. Can you plz help me



Refer the link,

HI Mohamed Bawath,

Thanks for replying, actually i had tried that solution still it giving me same error. Can u suggest me some another solution. Thanks

Hi Aniket,

You need to specify datasource property to the datasource of your record. (i.e Have to specify buttongroup datasource property to that particular record).

HI Mohamed Bawathe,

I had specified datasource property to the datasource which i m using, it is still showing me same error, What can be another possible solution?

Hi Anitket,

I think you have different query or datasource for your parent and child form. So, you are getting this error.

To resolve this change CopyCallerQuery property of the menuitem button to **no.**

Please, verify if it is fixed.