Error while activating Enhanced (HTTP) Inbound Port (Method not found: DebuggableAttribute(DebuggingModes))

Dear All,

I have created ASP.NET Form Web App and deployed this on IIS, then I used this site in AX 2012 web sits under Services and Application Integration Framework, then create new INBOUND port (Enhanced) with HTTP adaptor in AX, and add this site and activate this port, port activate successfully, but when I open Website URL in browser faced this error.

Please guide me how I can fix this error, no found any help from google.

Thanks in advance.

You didn’t mention many important steps, therefore I must assume that you didn’t do them. Please read Install web services on IIS in AX 2012 documentation to understand how you should configure HTTP web services.

Dear Martin,

As you suggested I have Install Web services on IIS after installation default web site have created automatically in IIS and AX under Application Integration Web sites but when validate this site I face this error, please guide me.

Have you tried following suggestions in the error messages (checking the address and permissions and creating a bin directory)?