Error when trying to start Physical Count - Dynamic NAV 2013

When I go to the Phys. Inventory Journal, Calculate Inventory, it comes up with an error after going through all of the items: The field Unit of Measure Code of table Item Journal Line contains a value (LF) that cannot be found in the related table (Item Unit of Measure).

I’ve checked the Item Journal Line, Item Ledger Entry and Warehouse Entry tables and can’t find an orphaned LF anywhere. There are only 4 items with LF and they are listed in the Item Unit of Measure Table and the Unit of Measure Table.

I can’t figure out where this error is coming from. Does anyone know where else I can look?

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check if the unit if measure code with value LF contains a blank or a not displayable letter in these tables. best would be to debug to get the exact position where the error occurs.

Thank you for your response. There are only 4 items that use LF. I have checked Item, Item Ledger Entry and Item Unit of Measure. I have even done a replace to make sure there was no trailing spaces. I’m still get the error.

I figured out how to debug the Calculate Inventory report and found the problem. I’m not sure how, but the Item had a different Base Unit of Measure than the transactions. Thank you for suggesting the debug. Worked like a charm.

Hey [mention:d692564358754a96a1f6f6b4eec0ab8d:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05], we are also facing the similar kind of issue while generating the report (units of measure). Please guide us on how to debug the calculate inventory report.

hey Archer, help us on how to debug the report. Please give me the detailed steps to debug the report.

Please notice that you are replying to a more than two year old post. The users may not be active or online anymore.

You will have a better chance of getting an answer, if you post a new question (eventually with a link to this post). Also are you using same version of NAV?

As to debugging, then it’s just like debugging anything else. Activate it from the Development Environment, and wait until the error occurs. Then you can check the values of your variables, to see exactly which entry is giving you the problem.