Error when trying to reverse Cash Receipt Journal .

Hi There.

I am fairly new to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and need some assistance please. I am trying to reverse a Cash Receipt Journal however it is coming up with the error “You cannot reverse the transaction because it is out of balance”. Not sure why because it all seems to balance. I have attached a copy of the ledger entries I am trying to reverse.

Please help a frustrated user…

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First of all How you are reversing entries ?

  1. By clicking reversing button

  2. By passing manual reversing entries.

Thanks Amol.

I was clicking the reverse button. I ended up doing a journal to reverse the entries and now it is all fixed and it all balances.!!

I appreciate your quick reply…


Thats good Your problem solved.

Dear Forti,

Would you please share your experience and steps that how did you do to make it balance? My company have the same error message while our account reversed some payment journal. “You cannot reverse the transaction because it is out of balance”

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Hi there SH.

I had to reverse a "cheque deposit’ which was processed in NAV but not actually physically banked in the bank account. It was part of batch of cheques so it would not let me reverse the whole batch. So I processed a “refund” to the specific client account via a Cash Receipt Journal.

See below how the entries will appear on customer ledger

Customer Ledger Entries -

Posting Date Document Type Document No. Customer No. Description Original Amount

31/07/2012 Payment CR001235 Customer XXXXX -250.00

31/07/2012 Refund CR001238 Customer XXXXX reason: cheque was not banked 31/07 250.00