Error when trying to create reports

Hi All,

We are currently implementing MS NAV version W1 5.0 SP1 (5.0 SP1).

We are trying to create our custom reports, however, the following error continues to appear:

You do not have permission to create the “NAME OF REPORT” report. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed.

Everyone on the implementation team encounters the same error. We all have the highest level of access.

Has anyone encountered this issue before with a workable solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gber,

This sound more like a licence restriction. Assuming that you have report designer on your licence then you will be licenced to create report in the 50000-50099 ID range. More can be purchased but the range 50000-50099 comes “free” with the report designer. Also make sure that the report name is unique.

Thanks DaveT, I’ll look into the ID range. Appreciate your help.