Error when trying to Consume Items of a BOM

In a Test Environment

I create an Item

Create a BOM with Two Line Item| specify quantity and then Certify

Go to Created Item | Replenishment

Attach a BOM

Sales Order processing

New Sales Order

Pick created Item

Functions | Check Consumption | BOM Item Lines Open

Functions | Consume

this is where i get the following error " You cannot post these lines because you have not enter a quantity on one or more of the lines"

anyone with an idea what this could mean.

try functions -->explode BOM in the sales order and then post… this could give the child item in your sales order…


tried this nothing happened. Apparently the BOM used to work fine. When I restore a very old database. its working fine

Functions | Check Consumption | BOM Item Lines Open

Is it a standard functionality or customized?


sorry I cant tell whether its customized. but I called our Partner to look at it.