error when posting shipment for transfer order

You must specify Gen. Prod. Posting Group in Item Journal Line Journal Template Name=’’,Journal Batch Name=’’,Line No.=‘0’.

Thats the error when I post ship .

Expert please help thanks

IS Gen.Prod posting group field is filled up in Item Card ???

yes Amol it has gen prod posting group in the item card

What about in Transfer Line?

Hi Mohana,

I cannot find Gen prod posting group in transfer order. Just product group code in transfer line. Im so confused right now

The source document of my shipment is transfer oder

You can check in Zoom

Select Transfer Line and press Ctrl+F8

Hi Mohana! You are right, the value on Gen Posting group and inventory posting group are blank. How can we encode it in Zoom?

You cant.

Just delete the line and re enter Item No.

Thank you expert. I think it is resolved. I’ll just wait for our user to post it and see if error will still appear.



Welcome [:)]