Error when posting Ship in the Sales Order

Dear All, I face the problem in my implementation project lately. The problem that I face as follow : I had created the Sales Order and already “Released” it too. When I want to post the shipment, some message appear and the message are : “Internal Error : The property BackColor is not defined in the property list” Is there anybody that can help me about this problem please ?! Hope to hear from all of you soon and thanks a lot for your kindly attention and your help too. Regards, Grace Vin

Grace, 1/ you have made this topic secret, so people can not see it to rely. 2/ You have posted 4 times, that will NOT help you get an answer.

Hmmmm How strange, I see David has replied to this in the forum listing, but see no reply, although this is reply 2!? Obviously a back door to getting such high postings [:D] He probably said something about a modified field being added to the sales order with out all the properties defined properly, although I am no developer so am just commenting, I am sure David will repost his answer!

Can you see it now? Basically there is a new feature called secret post. So as moderator of this forum, I’m the only one that can see it. My post was just to tell Grace to make the post public, but in the meantime I worked out how to do that my self.

Those new features in upgraded versions we just stumble across! I had seen the option, just never used it. I cannot see your reply, but it does not really matter. Off a merrily secret posting I go [:D]

Sort of like talking to oneself right [;)]