error when posting receivables transaction

are you using multiple currency? reporting in additiol currency?

Try putting some accounts in against the currency code “General Ledger\Setup\Exchange Rates” (There are 4 accounts - 2 for realised exchange loss/gain and 2 for unrealised exchange gain/loss)

Yes, we use difference currencies mostly USD and sometimes CAD

Also have the loss gain accounts set up - still get the error message

(unless, I would hate to do this, I need to set up loss/gain for USD which would not make sense since that is our currency)


This message appears if user is using a different currency for example (USD) to settle outstanding amount in another currency (CAD)

So as you have right concluded, the users need to setup gain/loss for the company currency.


Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but putting gain/loss for the company currency resolved the issue