Error when posting PO

Hi all, i’m newbie need your advice. Thanks before !

my problem is when i try to post purchase order i encounter bellow error:

posting date is not within your range of allowing posting date in item journal line Journal template name=’’,Journal batch name=’’,line no=0.

my current setting:

  • user setup : allow posting from 01/09/11. allow posting to :30/09/11.

  • general ledger setup : allow posting from 01/09/11. allow posting to :30/09/11.

I suspect that the issue is due the adjust cost routine , because :

  • in inventory setup : automatic cost posting checkmarked and Automatic Cost Adjustment is set to always.

  • in Item ledger entry still have some item with open=yes, and source no = po:buy from vendor no.

My question is : when i try to debug i got the From debug i got the required ‘allow posting date’ need until 30/12/11, i realy don’t understand why this need 30/12/11. since none of the open entry have posting date > september 2011.

Looking for your advice please, thank you…

You didnt mention what is in PO Posting Date?

hi mohana, thanks for your reply. i forget to mention before, the posting date on PO : 06 september 2011. thus i confuse why need 30 december 2011. [*-)]

Check with debugger where 30 december 2011 is inserted into item journal line …

Hi Mohana, where can we setup user allow posting fron and to in nav classic?

Administration–>Application Setup–>Users

thanks for the very quick reply