Error when posting Invoice journal

Hi, can some one tell me about error when posting invoice jurnal,

i was setting on GL parameter and tick the check box enable export/import letter of credit,and i post the invoice journal the error message is displayed…but if the check box is untick the error message was not displayed,

the error message is “System could not find the required Letter of Credit”, ,

can someone help me about this problem when i tick enable import/export letter of credit check box,



Hi Irvan,

i think we have to create & select letter of credit format for that payment method…



Hi Siddu,

in this case i want to create invoice journal without letter of credit,and without change my setting on GL parameter (My Setting was tick the enable export/import LC)



Hi Irvan,

Did you manage to get through with the error mentioned by you, because even am getting the same error.
Unable to post any invoice journal. Can you please update.