Error when posting cash receipts

The message I get is “There is no cust. ledger entry within the filet”. This has never happen before today.

Something within your data set is causing a filtered instance of the Customer Ledger Entry table to exclude all entries, thus having “…no Cust. Ledger Entry…”. Check to see if you have an extraneous incomplete line in the Cash Receipts Journal or an outdated application reference to a Customer Ledger Entry (the entry was open when you entered the receipt to apply, but before you posted this batch, another entry closed the entry) or some such. It’s going to be a matter of detailed, item by item investigation of the entries in your cash receipts batch. One method of doing that is to use filtering to post the cash receipts one at a time to identify the problem one. Of course the problem could be elsewhere, but I’ve described where I’ve usually found it. Good luck. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi David, Thanks for the help. I did get the entry to post by deleting the line that cause the error and re-entried it. That did nothing but as I was keying the entry I saw that the next line had the same APPLIES-TO DOC. NO. After changing that line to the correct number the entry posted. I think that when the person was Keying the entry in they hit f8 which gave it the same number which was only one digit different. Part of the problem for me was that the test report did not show any warrings.