Error when opening specific item navision 2017


please help…

I think there is a data consistant. THe two combination isn’t there.


Go to General Ledger Setup, then on the Page, click VAT, then VAT Posting Setup. Look for the combination on the list of VAT Bus. Posting Group = VAT and VAT Prod. Posting Group = NON-VAT. Make sure it is there and you have the GL Accounts noted in the columns for posting.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Steve,

You’re right! It’s just I have no combination of Vat Bus. Posting group = Vat and VAT Prod. Posting Group = NON-VAT in VAT Posting Setup. Thanks for your help.


You’re right! the two combination is not present… Thanks for your help.

  • and I guess that you have a value in Item’s field “VAT Bus. Posting Gr. (Price)”?