Error when opening report in Visual Studio

Im getting an error while opening ssrs report design like “object reference not set to an instance of an object

please let me know the reason

Please give us more information - whether it happens with a single report only, what kind report it is, when it started happening and so on.

Hi Martin,

it is standard report (invent ageing) , in that i added new design ISPL Design .

after i try to open any design its showing error like :object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Can you tell us what you did in your design? It’s impossible to locate the bug without any information about your changes.

It happening only for one report (Invent ageing report- standard report)

In Invent aging report, i added new design and in tmp table i added new field in tmp table

when i refreshing dataset new field reflecting in dataset fields also new 3 extra parameters are coming.

Problems :

  1. when i try to opening design it’s not opening

  2. when i try to deploy the report its not deploying visual studio closing automatically

You’re talking about too many different things - you have to first do more work on analysis, so you don’t waste time looking at irrelevant changes.

I suggest you delete the design and rebuild the report. If it works, you can forget all other things, because the problem is clearly in the design. If it doesn’t work, your guess that the design is to blame was wrong and you should focus at the other changes.