Error when integrating with power automate connector execute action for WorkflowWorkItemEntity


I am trying to integrate d365 F&O with power automate. I am using the execute action connector, and following using the article to make the setup:

However I am getting an error: The API operation ‘ExecuteProcedure’ requires the property ‘body/value’ to be of type ‘Object’ but is of type ‘String’. This is being generated from WorkflowWorkItemEntity. method executeAction which is expecting an object type but from power automate we are passing WorkflowWorkItemInstanceId, which is a string type and is not allowing any other type. So is there any other way by which I can achieve the functionality? Any response is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Which action are you calling? What’s the call stack? Didn’t you use the debugger to get more information about what’s going on?

Hi I am calling the standard action WorkflowWorkItem-validate, mentioned in docs. Yes used the debugger the code is expecting WorkflowWorkItemInstance id which is of type guid and is passed from automate

Can you share your findings from debugging? I can easily see parameters etc. in my Visual Studio, but you’re the only one who can see what’s going on in your environment at runtime.

I don’t even see that validate() calls executeAction(). I would see the call sequence if you shared the call stack with us. So far, it seems to me that it’s only called from complete() and not from validate().

I am getting the error:

The parameters to the Event method do not match the parameters to the WriteEvent method. This may cause the event to be displayed incorrectly.

That’s a different error then before. Does it mean that your system now behaves differently, or that you’re now talking about something else?