error when importing a merged db text file

This is so frustrating, I’ve been using the Developer’s toolkit to upgrade a customised 2.60 to 3.60 and spent the best part of a day merging and comparing. I finally export the merged db as a text file but when I try to import into a 3.60 database it says I do not have permission to create ‘payment terms’ table, I’ve checked the licence and we should be able to, can anyone help before I jump out of the office window(we’re on the top floor!) Thanks for any guidance.

Most certainly you do NOT have permission to create the “Payment Terms” table. Only Navision it self has permission to create tables in the 1-49,999 range. My first guess, is that you are trying to import a text file into an emptry database. This is not possible. If this is the case, let me know and i will give you instructions on how to proceed.

Hi Mike. I agree with what David says. We had a very similar problem (both with the import and the frustration [:(!]).We discovered the problem was that we needed to be importing into a standard 3.60 database which contained the standard objects. I would also advise caution with the merge tool. In our experience, although some objects that were merged were fine, it did some very ‘unusual’ things to a lot of the others. I would strongly advise you check the objects after the merge to make sure they are as they should be. If you search this site under ‘upgrade’ you should find a few threads that may help you on your way, but i am afraid frustration appears to be an integral part of the upgrade process[B)]!! Good luck!! John

Hi Mike, I’ll try for a more detailed reply later, but for now… 1/ Your license only allows you to MODIFY standard objects, not create them, so stpe one is to create an empty database, with base 3.60 objects to start. To do this, just create a 200Mb empty database. Then import objects from the backup on the install disk. To do this go to object designer, File Import, then under file type select all (.) then find the database.fbk, and import it. (NOT THROUGH RESTORE). You don’t want data until the conversion is done. Now you can do a text import into this database. 2/ As John mentions, the Merge tool is usefull for incremental changes (say 3.10 to 3.10b), but when you get into major functioanlity, it has a lot to be desired. You may find that for the amount of testing debugging and fixing that you will have to do, it is probably better to do a manual upgrade. As a personal note, I have done a LOT of upgrades, I only once ever used the merge tool, ALL the rest were done manually, and the one with the merge tool I re-did manually. It converts the code OK, but it misses the logic and reason behind the modification.

Thanks for your help guys, looks like it’s going to have to be the manual way, while I’m here - what is the best way for data migration, I’ve done a search on here and not much on how to go about it efficiently. The customer wants all old ledger entries etc and not just starting balances, I’ve been told it’s going to be a nightmare!!!:frowning:

A/ You’re welcome B/ Yes its going to be a night mare. Please let me know some details aboutt he data, i.e. how many entries, and do the G/L To inventory reconciliation and Inventory valuation reports match?

Welcome to the emotional rollercoaster that is upgrades.[}:)][xx(][:(][:D][:0][:I] For what it’s worth, we also merged objects manually. This allowed us to make changes etc that would keep the functionality of the objects in the new version and also give a better insight into how the data migration could be effected. When we were making the adaptaions, we kept a note of any objects that may require a special dataload to be written. Fortunately these were few and far between for us and the codeunits supplied on the product CD did the job fairly well with a few minor adaptations where required. Although i can’t promise a straight answer to any problems you may have (if at all), i would like to echo David’s offer of help if you need it. Regards John

IF you use upgrade tool from Navision you could also upgrade all the customer data, but don’t forget before you do the upgrade check the latest hotfix for the upgrade. Just for your information today I got hotfix 18 for Attain that including hotfix for upgrade tool from 2.6 to 3.6.