Error When Import Picture in Contact Card

Dear all,

I am using NAV 4 SP3. I cannot import picture in Contact Card. My picture size is 1.98 GB.

The error said :

“There is no enough memory to execute this function. If you work in a single-user installation, you can try reducing the value of the ‘cache’ program property. You can find information about how to optimize the operating system in the documentation for your operating system”

The datatype of picture is BLOB. The maximum size of BLOB is 2 GB. Is it 2 GB per record ? What should I do to solve this error?

My free space is 42 GB. The memory is 4 GB.

Please advice. Thank you :)

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I think the error message may have more to do with the size of your picture file than with your available memory. I remember that when trying to import a jpg into the CompanyInformation.Picture field, the file needed to be somewhere in the 64k range. I don’t have the documentation at hand or I’d give you exact numbers. And I think you have some extra space available if you use a bmp format instead.

Try trimming your graphic file down to something around 50K, or find a pretty jpg that’s already that size that you can use for testing. If you’re able to import the smaller file, you can grow the size and modify the width and height to meet your needs.

Thanks George,

What do you mean with extra space available if I use a bmp format? I try image with 208 KB and it didn’t result error… the C/SIDE documentation said that maximum size of BLOB is 2 GB… But, I cannot import image with size 1.98 GB :frowning:

Blobs get used for more than just storing pictures. The important thing to remember is that, if you’re storing pictures, you’re size limit is a lot less than 2GB. I’ve found in the past that, when importing pictures, I was able to get a larger file uploaded if it was a bmp. Convert the same file to a jpg and it may not import.

The real point is to be able to get the image you’re interested in imported with a resolution that’s sufficient to make out what you’re looking at. If you’re able to do that with a 24k jpg, then carry on and don’t worry about the 2GB field limit.


Okay George… Thank you so much… :slight_smile:

Hi Johanna,

I would strongly advise against storing BLOBs that big in the database. Have you looked at the link record functionality?