Error when Exporting Package to Excel


We’re having troubles exporting packages to excel.

I’ve created different packages with different configurations but every time i get the same error.


The export to rapidstart doesn’t have this error message.

We use the Business Central 19.2 On-Premise app + our own app extension that doesn’t extend “Config. Package Table” neither “Config. Package Card” page.

During my investigation, I’ve found that Export package to Excel works perfectly on a Cronus demo database. I’ve debugged both our app and the Cronus app. I’ve noticed a difference in behavior in the codeunit 6223 “OpenXML Management”, in the procedure CopyDataToExcelTable. In the Cronus, Format(DataColumn.DataType) returns ‘System.String’. Our client returns ‘System.Int32’. The behavior is different in the case in the procedure WriteCellValue depending on this variable.

I don’t understand why this variable has different values from one client to another. They are two different databases, but they both are on the same server, running with the same VSCode client, so the paths to dependencies are the same for both the Cronus and our client.

The error we meet in the screenshot above occurs after one iteration in this loop, in the CopyDataToExcelTable procedure.

Could this difference explains the error ? How can I see wich Dotnet is referenced in each app ?

Thank you,