Error when doing Adjust Exchange Rate`

Hi all,

One of my user encounter problem when doing Adjust Exchange rate in GL (Periodic Activities), he hit an error saying that “Select a Dimension Value Code for the dimension Code DEPARTMENT for G/L Account *****”

I have checked the Dimension code and is defined in the Dimension Value Code.

Anybody have any suggestion or solution?

It means that there are some postings (that are to be adjusted by adjust exchange rate procedure) that were posted without dimensions selected. Probably you set dimensions on that g/l account as mandatory after you posted those entries…

1 - Switch-off Dimension posting control for DEPARTMENT; run the update; switch control on. Best implemented out of hours.

2 - Write report to ‘find’ missing entries in Ledger Entry Dimension table; then insert by hand. Best implemented by qualified practicioner.

What version of NAVision are you using? There are instances when dimension postings are lost…

i am using ver 3.7, by the way the DEPARTMENT dimension code is all being setup, dun understand why it cannot work. What i did was, i go to the COA, choose that Charge of Account and then go to Accounts - Dimensions - Dimensions-Singles, from there i remove away the entry for the Dimension Code-Dimension Value-Value Posting, after which i ask the user to retry again and it works. After that i re-enter the entry back. is that the way to go about doing?

General Ledger, Setup, Dimensions,

Select Dimension to be changed, Select Account Type Default Dim., switch off for G/L Account (Value Posting = Blank)

After update then make Value Posting for G/L Account = Previous Value.

Definitely out of hours…