Error when creating data method on SSRS report

I am creating SSRS reports for AX 2012 using SSRS ( in Visual Studio 2010 using AX Reporting extension). When I create a data method on a SSRS report and click View code I get an error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. The BusinessLogic project is created but is unavailable. According to the procedure (…/cc587341.aspx)), a business logic project should be automatically added to the solution, but this seams that the project is not created correctly. Anybody has an idea?

do a full CIL(5-6 hrs it will take) and clear the cache memory… restart the service reporting services

Thank you, Rohit. I will try it and post a result here.

Hi Rohit,

unfortunately, it didn’t help. Still getting the error even if I try opening (viewing code) of existing data method on existing AX 2012 SRSS report. I will continue searching. If you had any idea, please let me know.

i have the same error, did you solve it?

did you have Administrator role of the SSRS and the OS or did you execute the AX or VS as a Administrator?