Error when clicked select button in report


I tried running report, when i clicked select button to select parameters i got the below error.

"Query filter cannot be specified on a query that are split into multiple queries dues to 1:n fetch mode in ax 2012 "

This is the standard report, no customization is done.

Module = sales and Marketing

Report = customer/item statistics

can any one suggest me the solution.

Thanks in Advance.

Try refreshing the Report Server or you can restart the Report Server. if issue still persist then you can Redeploy the report and try again.

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for the reply!!!

Still facing the same problem!!!

Hi Vishal,

Still i am facing the same problem,

can you guide me further if possible.

Thanks in Advance

1.) Stop AOS

2.) Delete .auc files

3.) Start AOS

4.) Clear usage data by reset button.

Hi Venkatesh,

Only a step number 4! Thanks!

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