Error using copy/paste in input (dialog)

Hi everybody! I’ve verifyed when the paste option is used in a input dialog (with right click mouse - paste) this error is generated: Error R6025. Pure virtual function call. And the application crash. OK!, I know using a form I could solve it but … somebody knows any way to avoid the error? The same problem exists in Attain 3,01, 3.10 and N.F. 2.60. My code is only: // dlgInput Type Dialog, txtSearch Type Text (70) dlgInput.OPEN(‘Text to search: #1##########’); dlgInput.INPUT(1,txtSearch); dlgInput.CLOSE; Thanks in advance, Rafa Edited by - rafa_marius on 2002 Jun 19 10:44:24

Copy is giving the same problem. One workaround is to programmatically fill or get the contents to or from the clipboard. OCX or WSH can be used.

Hi Preben! Thanks for your reply. Yes!, I’ve solved the problem using Automation (Visual Basic for Applications) with InputBox. Work fine because the customer has all their workstations (PCs) with Office 2000 installed. Only I hope that in a near future (by Microsoft’s influence) the object Dialog work more correctly :). Perhaps I’m too optimistic! Uuuuuhm! Edited by - rafa_marius on 2002 Jun 19 23:37:07

How I can Paste content to text box from clipboard ?

hi Wertis [:)]

Where exactly do you want to paste? generally in a form or table you can. even in reports you can paste fron clipboard or notepad.


I would like to handle it with code, for example to propose for user some value (from clipboard) automatically in some texbox

thanks for responce shona:)

here is something about clipboard data handling

i have creted new variable (automation) with ‘System_Windows_Forms’.IDataObject and stuck here. please advice how to make it work.
many thanks