ERROR: Unable to create record in ContactPerson. Record already exist


I have encounter this error “Unable to create record in Contact Person. Record already exist” when trying to create record for contact person. It happen when I created a new Customer and want to assign a contact person for that customer. I try to create contact person under BASIC → Setup but it still return the same error. I have checked on the table and definitely that record is a new record and does not exist in the table.

Not only that, it happen in one company only whereas other company is working fine. I suspect it is due to user right. But since I am admin and with full control then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Can anyone please advice on how to solve the above issue.

Thank you

So if you go to the main table from the customer record itself and create one what happens?

Is it failing because of the code you are assigning it? If so, as a test, alter the code, does it reject it then?

Secondly in CRM - Setup - Parameters, what are your duplicate checks set to? If the response is set to error, set it to warning.

Sounds to me like the contact already exists [:D]

I manage to solve the problem. It have something to do with the updation of Record-Id. Most probably when a new record for the contact person is created, the system assigning the used record id instead of a new record id and therefore it will return that record already exist.

Hi rinoa04,

could i have the detail of the procedure you have done to resolve your problem. am currently encountering this error.

thanks in advance!


Basic>>setup>>Number sequences >> number sequences.

select the contact persons number sequence and click on “List” button.

It will open a form.

delete the records from the form.

It will solve your problem.

Please let me know if you have any issues.


Hi Rino,

This happens sometimes with me. Just go Number sequence of the Contact Personal. Unmarking the field Continuos. Save the change. Mark again the field Continuos and sava the change. It shoud work again the Number sequence.


Murilo Oliveira