Error"There are no Server Instance connect to this database"


I have installed microsoft dynamics navision 2013R2 server in windows server 2008R2 and development enviornment in windows 7 local machine.

Actually, I am unable to connect navision server from development enviornment. it is getting error that “There are no Server Instance connect to this database”.

I have given server instance in tools->options->serverinstance servername:7046/dynamicsnav70
but i am able to see serverinstance in database information.

I am unable to find out the error. can u please help me. can anybody help me


Dear friend,

I am confuse, if You use Navision 2013 R2 so why you see Server Instance of Nav 2013 , because Dynamics70 is default comes when Nav 2013 Install & when install Nav 2013 R2 then default is DynamicsNAV71.

Also in Nav 2013 R2 required Server Name,Server Instance Name,Server Port,Management Port.

Please check all these information in as you mention above tools->options.


I have installed Navision 2013 Development environment in windows7 32 bit and Navision server in windows server 2008R2.

i am unable to find these information in tools->option.

can you tell me installation steps.

Dear Venkatesh

As much as i have observed server instance for both 2013 R2 and 2013 does not work simultaneously i.e. one of them should be stopped to use another.

First answer me few things…

  1. Have you Installed Nav 2013 and 2013 R2 on the same system in the same environment ?

  2. How were you able to install Nav 2013 in a 32 bit OS ?

See if you are installing navision first time on your system, i.e. (There is no earlier versions there in the system. ), its not that typical to install it. If you have already installed Nav 2013 and you go for installation of Nav 2013 R2, it asks for selecting the ports. 7046, 7047…etc…remains by default. which is overwritten by Nav 2013 R2 if you dont make any change in it and here starts you problem.

So suggest you to change the port values to any thing starting from 25. i.e. 25,26,27…!

Let me know, how does it work !


I have installed only NAV 2013 not NAV 2013R2.