ERROR @ SO Confirmation Directed to E Mail

Dear All,

Can Any One reslove this Issue, related to the E Mail Confirmation to the Client through SO Process…

When i am doing the SO Confirmation Process with All Setups(Print Management Setup, Customer E Mail Contact Update) I am getting this ERROR Messages

At Confirmation Stage ERROR: An error occurred during update

After Confirmation … Go to Sales Order Confirmation → Print/Privew → Use Print Management … this State ERRORS

: COM object of class ‘outlook.application’ could not be created. Ensure that the object has been properly registered on computer ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’.

: Object ‘COM’ could not be created

: Mail error: Unknown MAPI error

: The report has been successfully saved in the Print Archive.

These 4 Message was popued…

Can Any give me the Solution


Vinod P