error: Salesperson/Purchaser (TableID=13) doesn't exist!

After i delete a Salesperson/Purchaser (Purchaser ) i get an error when printing:
“Purchase - Receipt” Report or “Purchase - Invoice Report” … (where Salesperson/Purchaser was defined as Purchaser in “Header Table” - the code is steel there eventhough i deleted record in Salesperson/Purchaser table!?)

I just don’t get it - I am missing sth. here - It cannot be that the system allows me to delete records and after i can not print reports anymore - i work with NAV not more than half a year → so i am not sure how the syste should behave in this case → is there some code missing in our system on the reffered objects??

I would be really gratefull for some help



Yes, it can be! This is one of the stupidities in NAV. Has allways been like that.
In reports they check whether a field contains a value - and then perform a “SalesPerson.Get(…)” instead of “IF SalesPerson.Get(…) THEN”.

I don’t know that I would call it a stupidity of NAV. Granted it can cause you some problems. Can you imagine how long it would take to delete records if it had to check every table relation? I know it does it for a rename, but rename is not nearly as commonly used as delete.

Better question…why delete a master record? I realize you can’t block salespeople out of the box like you can with customers, vendors, items, etc. But still, what’s the point of deleting them?

To me it’s like deleting history. At some point in time that was a salesperson at your company. In order to get the full details about things that that salesperson did you need that record. It may not be as important as a ledger entry, but it is still important. What would happen if you deleted that salesperson, hired someone new with the same initials (or whatever), and they got the same salesperson code? It would look like they have a ton of history when in fact they haven’t done anything at all.

So it’s not quite as simple as “because NAV is stupid”. It’s a combination of a little bad coding and bad training.

Thanks Matt,

it definitely makes a sens - i was not thinking so far…

Greetings from Luzern,


For the most part I stick to this method.

Unless it’s a document or journal line (i.e. something you will later post), seriously think about the consequences of deleting it. If it’s not one of those it means it most likely supports historical records in some way.

Leave it alone if you can, block if you need to, but only delete if you absolutely have to.