Error regarding filter while sending RM to Vendor through Subcontract PO

On of my friend While sending an item to vendor location in Subcon PO is getting this error (after pressing on SEND in “Order subcon. Detail Delivery” Form)

“”""There is no Sub Order Component List within the filter.

Filters: Document No.: POSC:110159, Document Line No.: 10000, Parent Item No.: M-R&D-0001"""

He checked in the table & found the line exist with the same values as shown in error. Help…

Kindly check Bill of material/Subcomponent of Parent item

And what shall i check there?

everything looks ok in BOM & Routing…

there was a “&” mentioned in the Code of ITEM & looks like this was the reason of error. After renaming the item code it worked smooth…

can this be the only reason?